H.H.Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is today the internationally best-known member of the Royal Family of Hohenzollern.The house of Hohenzollern/ Prussia is one of the oldest and most important noble families in Europe and represented the former Emperor of Germany.
H.H.Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is a modern designer for home decoration, pet-, children- and lifestyle- products.The licensed brand " Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern" represents a young, royale and trendy design. It transports the lifestyle and the lifestyle of a modern princess today. The brand is successfully presented with collections for pet accessories, children's products and fashion in 75 countries on the international market. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was honored as best designer with the "ASIA DESIGN AWARD GOLD" in Shanghai/China.
With 5,1 Mdr. Media contacts in over 75 countries / per year she has a high international reputation and markting power.
Princess Maja also is a committed animal welfare activist and lives together with 12 dogs and 8 cats, that she has rescued from the street and from animal killing centers. Out of love for animals she created her wounderful pet-collection for "dog+cat Prince & Princesses". With the sales of the collections charity projects for animals in need are beeing supported. For her global social commitment H.H.Princess Maja von Hohenzollern was awarded with several important international awards.
Out of respect and love for animals and humans, as well as knowledge of the connections between factory farming, pollution and famine in the world, Princess Maja is vegan and she attaches great importance on products that are cruelty free. Ecology and sustainability are important to her.

- Ambassador for animal welfare
- PETA supporter

Decorations / Honours:
- Honorable Member of EDUXANIMA 2018
.- PAWU speedwell Animal Welfare 2016
- "ASIA DESIGN AWARD" Shanghai/ China 2015
- highest award of the City of Kiev (Ukraine)
- "Shining World Heroine Award" 2011 (USA)
- bearer of the "Aachener Tierschutzmedaille" 2010
  ("Aachen Welfare Medal") (Germany)
- "Freedom of Kenmare" (Ireland)
- bearer of the "Europäischen Tierschutzpreises" 2009 (Germany)
  ("European Welfare Award for animal protection")
- Receipt of the "Seal of Approval - Sponsors of the good (Germany)
  purposes "of the Action "Ein Platz an der Sonne" by ARD
- bearer of the award "National and international Thailand-friend " (Thailand)
- awarded with the russian decoration" "Mäzenat des
  Jahrunderts" ( "patron of the century ") ( Russia)
- awarded with the russian decoration "Zar Peter der Große"
  ("Tsar Peter the Great ") (Russia)
- awarded the russian decoration "Pilar" (Russia)
- godmother of the "MS Swiss Miss Ruby"/ shipping Scylla Tours.

- Co-author of "The Siamese pot fairy tale"
  Rosa Montis Publisher benefit children(V1)s projects in Thailand
- wrote the preface to the book "Jockel und Marlene bekommen
  Nachwuchs", Rosamonti Verlag (Publisher), part of the
  proceeds benefit Animal welfare projects of the ETN e.V.
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